I have been having issues for years now. I can't even remember what my first issue was.

Throwout the years I have had aches and pains everyplace, my family thinks that I just complain a lot I think.

This year has been the worst.

I recently went to my family doctor who listened to me about the ringing in my ears and dizzy feelings I get, and sent me to an ear nose and throat doctor (whom I adore) who took the time and listened to me. He sent me for an MRI of my brain. He thought I had MS, the tests came back negitive.
I went back to my family doctor and told him how worse I feel, and he sent me to the Cleveland Clinic to meet with a neurologist who specializes in MS. She sent me for another MRI (it had been 6 months since my first) the results were, no change. There were just two gray masses. No lesions no black hole's nothing.

My knee has been cracking forever when I get up or sit down...it just pops, makes a sound. It on occasion will just get stuck and cause me pain and I have to work it out.
Well about a month ago out of the blue...I was in so much pain in my knee that I could not walk, I have never in my life experienced such pain, other then natural childbirth. I went to the ER, had an X-ray, I had a cat-scan...and it showed nothing. They sent me to a bone specialist who sent me for an MRI of my knee ( I go for the results on Tuesday). I am able to walk now, its still sore and is back to just cracking/popping when I get up or sit down. My OTHER knee is doing the same thing now. Popping and cracking.

Every single day I am in pain, consent pain. I ache. My family things I complain too much. They don't understand. I am always so tired. I have to come home from work and take a quick cat nap before I can make dinner and help with homework.

I am also scared because lately I can't think straight.
Its like im foggy...i can't find my words.
I have started to stay home and not go out in public because im embarrassed of the way I can't follow along or speak correctly.
I get these weird dizzy spells where no-matter what I am doing, the room will spin super fast....then just stop...it lasts merely seconds.

The ringing in my ears NEVER stops...today with the neck pain, its terribly worse.

On occasion (this is new) I get twitches in my hands, and I cant use my phone to punch in numbers, and its hard to write with a pen or pencil. I am starting to develop a weird twitching in my left nostril, its not noticeable from someone else, but I can feel it, its rather annoying.
I've gone from a full head of thick curly hair, to thin hair. I thought it was from stress. Until I started reading up on Lupus.

A couple of times I was outside, and the top of my head felt as though it was on FIRE, the sun felt like it was burning me...I had to run fr cover under a shade tree, the sun/heat takes every thing out of me. I just can't handle being outside in it for a long time.

Also, I am a teacher and if I have outside recess duty, last winter, the cold hurt me so bad, I mean I hurt while im out there, my bones just hurt. I was always wearing a sweatshirt, and sweaters inside at work last winter, no matter how warm everyone else was in the building, I was wrapped up. So im very sensitive to heat and cold temps.

I just need to find answers. I posted on a different forum a few weeks ago and someone told me to look up LUPUS and I have come to do a lot of reading up on it, I seem to fit a lot of the symptoms.

I do not have a butterfly rash, but I do have a rash, always have for as long as I can remember on my back, I never wear anything that doesn't cover my back, as embarrassed.
Could that be related to Lupus?

I don't remember having sores in my mouth or nose, however, at least 4 times last year I get a horrible sore throat and when I go to the doctor he tells me I have pharyngitis and gives me meds for that. Could be considered sores in my mouth?

I don;t have anyone I can talk to. I surf the web trying to find answers.
If anyone reads this...all the way threw, as I know its long....does this sound like LUPS?
Could these be symptoms?

I am making an appoitment first thing Monday to discuss these options with my Dr.
I just need reasured that my thoughts are valid for bringing this to his attention...