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    Others have mediports installed? The last three admissions I've been told to talk to my gp about having a mediport installed because it's getting harder to get lines in. How long have you had yours? Do you notice it?
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    I've never had a mediport. I do have a friend who has one. Her port is inserted in her upper chest.
    She explained to me that the port consists of a reservoir compartment that has a silicone bubble for the needle to go in, with an attached plastic tube. It was surgically inserted under her skin and it is surgically inserted into a vein (hers is the subclavian vein). You can only see a small bump where it is located. She said that there is no special maintenance. She had a little bit of bruising and swelling after the surgery, but said she's had not problems with it since then. Once in a while, it is a little tender, but no real pain. Like me, she is a swimmer and having the port has not interfered with that at all.
    I hope that this has helped you a bit. She recommends it highly for people who cannot get meds through their veins. If you choose to do it, I hope that it works out well for you.

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