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Thread: End of Benlysta

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    Default End of Benlysta

    My insurance will no longer pay for Benlysta unless a home health nurse administers it or if the infusion lab will administer it for the same price as it would cost for a home health nurse to infuse at my house. My doctor says absolutely not because of the risk of an allergic reaction. I am now off Benlysta. My infusion would have been on the 16th of Oct. I started CellCept on the 13th. Honestly, I feel crummy. How long does it take for the Cell- Cept to start to do its job? Or could the crumminess be withdrawal from the Benlysta? Thanks for any feedback anyone can give.

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    BENLYSTA targets specific immune cells, rather than the blanket approach of other therapies which suppress the entire immune system. Currently approved medications for lupus are borrowed from other diseases and conditions; other treatments are used off-label, which means they were off label and not approved by the FDA for lupus. Many of these treatments have serious and devastating side effects. Many patients have seen results with Benlysta within 2-3 infusions and were able to discontinue the use of cortico-steroids and/or other immunosuppressants.
    You should be aware that serious allergic or infusion reactions can happen on the day of or days after receiving BENLYSTA infusion and, in extremem cases, may cause death. Your healthcare provider monitor
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    you closely while you are receiving BENLYSTA and after your infusion for any signs of a reaction. Allergic reactions can sometimes be delayed; tell your healthcare provider right away if you have any of the following symptoms of an allergic or infusion reaction:
    • itching
    • swelling of the face, lips, mouth, tongue, or throat
    • trouble breathing
    • anxiousness
    • low blood pressure
    • dizziness or fainting
    • headache
    • nausea
    • skin rash, redness, or swelling

    BENLYSTA is administered by a medical professional in a somewhat sterile environment through an IV (intravenous) infusion directly into the vein. It should not be done by the patient!

    I hope that this has been helpful

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