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    Default ECG next week

    Finally, I saw my doctor last week, and as expected, he spent all of a few minutes with me and said I need tests. Big surprise. At first he just scheduled me for a test on my throat, but, then when I asked about the ECG for my mitral valve that hasn't been looked at in about 6 years, he said, oh, well we can schedule that after we see how this test comes out. So, I say, um, don't you think we should schedule that right away, as that was the main reason I came in, and, I have been having issues with it. He gets a bit confused looking, and begrudgingly agrees. I think he didn't like that I was basically taking control, but, he really is a nice doctor, usually has no problem with what I ask, as long as it seems reasonable, so, Im not sure what his deal was. Im chalking it up to a bad day.

    Anyway, ECG on the 11th. Is it weird to hope they find something? Last time I had one, after years of confirmation that I had mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation, the technician said he couldn't find it. I said jokingly, well, I guess Im cured, and he just didnt say anything. Knowing that mitral valve prolapse does not "go away" and after being so frustrated with being told nothing is wrong with me, I stopped going for checkups. With the problems Ive had this past year with palpatations, chest pain, etc, I gave in and asked for an ECG just to see whats happening. While I really dont want anything to be wrong with my heart, I do want to finally hear someone say Im not crazy or a hypochondriac.

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    Wanting that validation is completely normal! I've felt the same way myself numerous times. I hope everything starts to even out for you and you start feeling better soon. I hate how all of these doctors end up making all of us feel like we're just looney... it's so frustrating.
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    finding something means ending a search by finding an answer. that's completely normal. my fingers are crossed for you.
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