Hi everybody,

How are you all doing? I haven't posted on here for a while because I went to Montreal, Quebec for 12 days and had the BEST time of my LIFE!!! It was SO GOOD. I went to visit my best friend, and god...I LOVE HIM, soooo much. Going home was so hard, I did not want to come back at all and I still don't want to be here, but it's for the best for now, as I have some responsibilities I need to take care of here, and he's back in university full time anyway in september, so being apart is still better for now. Seeing each other once a year is better than not at all, plus there is the wonderful magic of Skype. I want to move ha, I really dislike BC after experiencing what that province has to offer instead. Plus the HST tax we have no and the really high cost of food and the very LITTLE money I get off welfare (they shrank it to 527 bucks this month, its supposed to be $610, how the @#%! do you live off that?) I just might move.

The city is absolutely beautiful, minus the traffic congestion and crazy drivers who don't follow any rules and I swear do as they please. I was born and raised in the country and I am not a city person at all, but this place is really easy to get used to and feel comfortable in, I've been there twice in a row now and will go back every summer as long as I can afford it. Pretty much everything is in French, from building signs to pamphlets to road signs, which is fine for me because I can read all of it, its just the speaking I have a bit of a problem with. I started learning French in kindergarten (songs, the alphabet, etc) and started taking official classes (speech, spelling) from grade 5 to grade 9 but when you don't use it much (we don't need to here in British Columbia) you lose it! Thankfully since I started early, I'm pretty sure with refresher classes, I can bring most of it back and use it again.
Everybody there pretty much is billingual so you don't need to panic, but anything I couldn't understand or respond back to, my BF took over.
I have a lot of pictures but they are way too big to post on here, but MAN it was so nice there, so many different kinds of shops and places to eat, 300 year old buildings in Old Montreal, you need weeks and weeks of time to be able to see everything, after being there twice now, I STILL haven't seen it all. The Saint Laurence river is breathtaking too, oh and I went to JUSTE POUR RIRE (Just For Laughs) stand up comedy show in the 4th row in the front!!! Right infront of the stage, right under the comedians. He bought us tickets, it was so crazy and fun, and of course hilarious!
The best part and the whole point of it all was seeing Danny, seeing the city again was just a bonus, but not necessary because I just wanted to see him, can you tell I'm in love? lol I already miss him and have cried quite a few times.

Oh yeah, I saw my Rheum the day before I went, and I'm starting to like him less now...He doesn't seem to listen as well as he has the last few times, and just seems to push pills on me instead and has no answers to my questions besides "I don't know" or "it could be related to this" and worst of all, he still won't diagnose me with something. He keeps saying I have "signs of RA, Lupus and Sjogrens" but says I don't have any one of them, so WTF do I have? WHAT do you call it?!! First it was MCTD, now it has no name again? Anyways whatever, I am still applying for provincial disability and I have a legal advocate who is going to help me fill out the whole thing and word it properly and if I get denied she will appeal for me. If I get on it I am going to look and see if I can stay on it and be transferred to live in another province.
But yeah I've been having horrible leg cramps, unexplained bruising on my legs still (I just had a blood test for that to see if they can find out why) I asked for that blood test, because there HAS to be a reason, he can't just shrug his shoulders. I DON'T bump myself, I wake up with these bruises all the time, so come on, and they hurt too and look ugly. My veins swell up like they're being pumped with helium too and it hurts, he just dismissed that as well, saying it can all be related to what's going on with me...Ok, so, names? Reasons why it happens? Give me something! Stupid doctors...He kept me on the chloroquine, told me to cut down my prednisone to half a 5mg tablet (which I don't think I'll do), and told me to take calcium for the leg cramps and just sent me on my way like he was in a hurry, yet the office was completely empty. I also tried talking about the issues Ive been having with my bursitis and he barely even looked my way and just said again to keep taking the pills. There's only so many Rheum's you can see in this area, do I really have to look for a third?

Anyway sorry,
Now I need to catch up on some reading on the forum!