Hi everyone, I'm Gina.
I was diagnozed with Lupus SLE & Sjogren's syndrome around 6 years ago after waking up unable to move my hands, and open my eyes.
I went thru several years of horrible flare ups, where I was unable to get dressed by myself, as I could not even lift my arms above my head, my joints worsened to a point where it was painful to even turn over in bed at night, so I was constantly tired, as every time I moved in bed, I was woken by the pain.
I went thru the usual gamut of medications, steroids, malaria pills, etc, but decided after a flare up that put me in the hospital, and my doctor suggesting an anti cancer treatment, that could put my liver at risk, that I did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life and go for a more natural approach.
I figured I wasn't born with Lupus, so why can't I try and turn back the clock?
It has been hit and miss, but i have found certain things that have helped me tremendously, so I thought i'd come here and share.
1st I changed my diet COMPLETELY. Cut out all meat, refined sugar, dairy and wheat, and introduced a lot more organic, raw food into my diet.
In fact I went almost completely raw for around 6 months.
It seems drastic, but within weeks of doing this, my joints improved so much I was able to remove the raised toilet seat I had been using for 2 years, as I was unable to lower myself onto the seat without it.
For the first time, I was able to sit down on the toilet without using the bath tub for support.
I have lost weight. I was around 220lbs, I'm now 140.
I now do Bikram yoga which helps alot with flexibility- The heat, softens the muscles, so u can stretch alot more.

I no longer use products on my skin- the chemicals they put in most face creams can be extremely poisonous- I use organic avocado oils and essential oils instead

I juice, and make my own smoothies.
And for arthritis sufferers, go out to your nearest health store tomorrow and but the largest tub of organic MSM powder you can find.

I take MSM everyday, 2 teaspoons in a glass of water day and night, and within weeks, I felt a drastic reduction in my joint pain.

I have not had a flare up since August 2008, and I have also taken NO medication since then either.

I still have Lupus- this is no miracle cure- I still can't do push ups to save my life, and I still need an instrument to open a bottle of water, and I still cannot leave the house without eye drops, as my eyes get so dry, I get headaches, but compared to how I was 2 years ago, I'm amazed at how far I've come

Everybody's symptoms are different, I know, but the importance of diet cannot be underestimated, especially with what the pharmaceutical companies are doing with our food.

I hope this helps somebody out there.
I'd love to hear your opinions..