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Thread: Newbie with some tips on how I manage my Lupus

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    Default Newbie with some tips on how I manage my Lupus

    Hi everyone, I'm Gina.
    I was diagnozed with Lupus SLE & Sjogren's syndrome around 6 years ago after waking up unable to move my hands, and open my eyes.
    I went thru several years of horrible flare ups, where I was unable to get dressed by myself, as I could not even lift my arms above my head, my joints worsened to a point where it was painful to even turn over in bed at night, so I was constantly tired, as every time I moved in bed, I was woken by the pain.
    I went thru the usual gamut of medications, steroids, malaria pills, etc, but decided after a flare up that put me in the hospital, and my doctor suggesting an anti cancer treatment, that could put my liver at risk, that I did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life and go for a more natural approach.
    I figured I wasn't born with Lupus, so why can't I try and turn back the clock?
    It has been hit and miss, but i have found certain things that have helped me tremendously, so I thought i'd come here and share.
    1st I changed my diet COMPLETELY. Cut out all meat, refined sugar, dairy and wheat, and introduced a lot more organic, raw food into my diet.
    In fact I went almost completely raw for around 6 months.
    It seems drastic, but within weeks of doing this, my joints improved so much I was able to remove the raised toilet seat I had been using for 2 years, as I was unable to lower myself onto the seat without it.
    For the first time, I was able to sit down on the toilet without using the bath tub for support.
    I have lost weight. I was around 220lbs, I'm now 140.
    I now do Bikram yoga which helps alot with flexibility- The heat, softens the muscles, so u can stretch alot more.

    I no longer use products on my skin- the chemicals they put in most face creams can be extremely poisonous- I use organic avocado oils and essential oils instead

    I juice, and make my own smoothies.
    And for arthritis sufferers, go out to your nearest health store tomorrow and but the largest tub of organic MSM powder you can find.

    I take MSM everyday, 2 teaspoons in a glass of water day and night, and within weeks, I felt a drastic reduction in my joint pain.

    I have not had a flare up since August 2008, and I have also taken NO medication since then either.

    I still have Lupus- this is no miracle cure- I still can't do push ups to save my life, and I still need an instrument to open a bottle of water, and I still cannot leave the house without eye drops, as my eyes get so dry, I get headaches, but compared to how I was 2 years ago, I'm amazed at how far I've come

    Everybody's symptoms are different, I know, but the importance of diet cannot be underestimated, especially with what the pharmaceutical companies are doing with our food.

    I hope this helps somebody out there.
    I'd love to hear your opinions..

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    Thank you for sharing your tips with us. I am glad to hear that you have not had a flare up since 2008. That is absolutely wonderful news and I hope that his continues for you for many, many years!!
    Like you, I still have Lupus, but take only a few meds for the management of the disease (I am now told that I have Mild Lupus). I, too, some 20 yrs ago, completely changed my diet to eliminate red meats, processed foods, and most dairy. I've maintained this diet and I believe that it is part of what helps me to stay in the realm of "Mild Lupus".
    I am a very avid advocator of regular exercise. I, too, do yoga (mostly Kundalini as it can be a bit more physical) and I swim as much as I can.
    You are correct, everyone's immune systems are different and so Lupus affects each of us differently. However, your tips and suggestions are still valid and may help many. Again..thank you and welcome to our family.

    Peace and Blessings
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    Hey there gina y! I'm in the middle of reading "Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life". I'm not near the book, and I can't remember the autor's name, but it's by a fellow who took a similar approach as you have. I've been inclining toward that anyway, since my son is mildly autistic with aspergers. Nothing was helping, so we did a DAN doctor. The big thing there is eliminating dairy & wheat from the diet and eating more-better foods. In order to help our son, my wife & I (along with our eldest son) went GFCF also. Big difference for us all. I've gradually slipped back into eating pizza regularly (along with other "bad" foods), but we have GOT to stop that... lol - all I do any more when I eat wrong is flare, and almost as badly as when I get out in the sun... I'm supposed to have started a "comprehensive elimination diet" a couple of weeks ago, so that when I go see the docs next month, they can "see" if there's much of a change... I've been a bad bad old man... lol

    continued good luck with your regimen, and we hope to convince ourselves of doing similar here shortly. It certainly can't hurt, and I've proven it already that it does help me.

    Author: David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD
    There are two editions. Try to get the newer one (2009??) since it has the latest info.
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