I know God doesn't give us more than we can handle. I can't ask why or how many trials need to be met because God already has the answer and paid the price for all of us.

Finished up steroids after Lupus was in left side of chest. I was profoundly relieved that I could sit up in bed once again as I couldn't for 7 days. The simple things we take for granted really humbles us. I found out I was being laid off due to budget cuts. I pray about it as it could be worse. Then I received word of my Mom's cancer being back.

I have been praying for my Mom. My Mom's cancer is back for the 4th time in 6 months and they think it may be inoperable or if it is operable, she will lose all body functions as it is suspected that it has moved into the bowels. My Mom is 70 years old and wants to go and do as much as possible. Right now she can't even sit in a chair due to the pain from cancer. My heart is heavy and breaking. I cried the first two nights I heard of her cancer coming back and then began praying . . . eventually falling asleep.

My wonder why must a person go through so much pain and suffering? I know that it allows us to enjoy the hills and valleys . . . but why so much pain? I also understand this is God's fight to fight. I have already lost my mother-in-law to cancer; please God not my Mom as well. I pray that the cancer is operable and can be removed without her losing body functions. I know you are listening God and I also know that you already know the end result. I am trying not to be selfish, but I am being selfish because I love my Mom with all my heart and she has sufferred through so much.

Please join us in prayer for my Mom, Charlie, as I truly believe in faith and prayer.

God Bless,