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Thread: Is my rheumy a quack? I need your opinion.

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    Mines a quack too !!! I keep right on going thinking things will get better they never do.
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    I'm fortunate in that I've got a good pcp & a good rheumy both, plus I'm working with a hematologist and a neurologist that seem to be pretty good, too. It helps that my health insurance allows me leeway in choosing doctors. Both my pcp & the rheumy use all aspects of medical therapy, from nutrition to PT to drugs, including dietary supplements & vitamins. They even stress the importance of good dental hygiene in helping to reduce inflamation. Every little bit helps in that regard. A doc of any ilk should use the patients' POV and be able to put together test results and symptoms from examination with the patient's interviews, and come up with treatment that helps. If they don't, it seems to me that it's time to change docs...

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