I am going to be freaking out for the next 2-5 days or more. I applied for BC income assistance and today I went in and handed in all the documents they wanted me to collect. As the man who was taking in the papers went through them, he seemed rather picky.
Remember I posted saying I was quitting my job because it was just way too much for me to handle and I was in so much pain? I guess this could be my fault but on my record of employment, my ex boss put in the code that I simply quit, and no other reason, when I told her I needed to quit because the job was too hard on me and no good for my condition, so the man at the office told me she should have put an illness or injury code in, and that there is a 60 day waiting penalty for people who quit their jobs. WELL, when I had my phone interview a couple days earlier to get information from me, the woman on the phone TOLD ME, that I would need a medical note in order to get by that 60 day penalty, so I would be excused from that AND also from having to look for work. So WHY is the guy at the desk being such an asshole? Maybe because it's just hit job or something? I mean I feel for these people I don't want to be mean I KNOW what it's like to get bitched at by people I worked in retail for 3 years.
Also, I've been on unemployment insurance already before, and the only reason I even went back to that barn job twice was because I was freaking out and I couldn't find another job during the entire time I was on EI, and it was about to run out, I had a couple weeks left and then I'd have NO money coming in at all. So I went back to work with her and ONLY accumulated 539 more insurable hours, which I phoned and listened to the computer at their office and found out that its not enough hours to get medical benefits or regular benefits, so that's why I turned to provincial income assistance.

I just...I have NO money left, I have bills to pay, medication to pay for, food to pay for, and if I get denied, which I really don't understand why I would be but that's always a possibility, I will be devastated. I'm SICK and I HATE HATE HATE how hard it is to get the help I, and everybody else suffering right along with me deserve!!! If I could work I'D DO IT!!!

Sorry for yelling I am just REALLY upset and who knows I could be for no reason but for over the days I wait for their decision, I'm going to be in a major panic.