Good Morning all,
My name is Kristi - I have just recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, unfortunately my Rhuemy appt isn't until Sept. I already have scoliosis, fibro, fibrocystic breast disease, gallbladder removed, 6 miscarrages, 1 stillbirth, uterine fibroids - hysterectomy 03, IBS, chronic pain, fatigue, sciatic nerve pain, showin signs of perif nuerapathy and cranial, dry eyes/mouth and a family history of 8 sjogren's 3 with SLE also.
I am greatful to find this forum and was interested in finding out if any of you now what Coilin is, I wrote to the Lupus Foundation and they could not help and my GP did not know what it was either. As you can see from the first titre he suspects SLE but I am feeling really lost on the other one.

ANA positive ANA titer >1:640 ANA pattern homogeneous
ANA titer 2 1:320 ANA pattern 2 coilin antibodies

Glad to meet all of you and looking forward to getting to know you