Well tried to get my third session of Cytoxan yesterday but NO ONE could find a usable vein. Had a floor nurse, her charge nurse and a flight for life nurse all try. They said the chemo destroys the veins and mine are shot! They suggested I have something installed called a pic-line (sp?) That way there would be easy access for chemo, blood tests etc until I'm done with therapy. My dr wasn't on call this weekend but they left a msg for my dr to contact me back to see what we can do.

I know I shouldn't be but sooo frustrated! It takes all I've got to get psyched up for these sessions since I know I'll be sick the day after and just hate the needle to start the session. Just wanted to get it over with! Now all I want to do is chuck all my meds out, tell my dr I'm done with chemo and anything that has to do with lupus. I know I won't because I have to get this done but so sick of dealing with dr's, hospitals etc. I've never been in this situation ever in my life and have always been relevently healthy. Does anyone out there have one of these lines and what is it like to get it installed? Let me know! Thanks