My Dad got a bowel obstruction and also found out that he has an arthritic condition in his spine which is very painful. Now he has mobility issues. They let him out of the hospital too fast and I learned how to take care of a sick person really fast. Dad was bed bound for three plus days because of the enemas he had to have. Now I am the nurses aide, the nurse, the caretaker, the housekeeper, the chauffuer, the cook, the shopper, secretary, bill payer, etc. for them. Don't get me wrong I don't mind doing the work, but I am not well myself. Also, had to give up a part/time job which would have garnered me around $4000, but family comes first even if I have to give up a job and I did really need the extra income.

I am waiting for my brother to get here Monday and help me out. I simply can't get everything done, including the housekeeping duties. My mother expects me to do it all 24/7 plus keep the house immaculate. She is loosing it mentally though so I understand her position, as she isn't thinking straight. She is 90 years old. I love her and my Dad very much and would do anything to please them, but it will probably end up killing me. I'll end my story here for now. Thanks for listening.