I had 6th cranial nerve palsy (double vision) about 3 weeks ago that has cleared up for the most part. It came with frequent headaches, rashes, ringing ears, lots of nausea and exhaustion. I went to a nuerologist and he found some small lesions on my brain MRI along with a positive ANA of 1:320. I've had Lupus symptoms in the past (raynauds, fatigue, concentration probs, low platellets, etc) so I'm assuming that is what I have but haven't gotten in to be diagnosed yet.

I am being referred to a Stanford rheumatologist but the process seems very slow and I'm wondering how safe it is to wait for treatment. I'm still having some nausea, headaches, fatigue, and slight palsy on my right eye but nothing close to what it was a couple of weeks ago. I started taking low dose aspirin because I read something that scared me about strokes but other than that I have no medication.

I guess since there seems to be a lot of brain stuff I'm just worried about permanent damage that may or may not be going on. Does any one have any ideas about what I should do...wait for an expert at Stanford or somehow find a rheumatologist that can get me in sooner? I would ask my general practicioner but he doesn't seem to have much experience with Lupus.

Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks, Maria