Hi all. Miss my whl buddies, but have been really sick. Had a 6 mm stone that wouldn't move, got stuck in between the kidney and bladder. I had an emergency visit and was "given" a urologist (I didn't get to pick a doc) that is gruff, doesn't care to hear about anything about autoimmunity, just your typical over all lousy experience. They said the kidney has swelling and I'd HAVE to have the surgery. They went in and broke it up this week, put a stent in, told me that i'd still be passing fragments, and visit them in two weeks to have the stent removed. Unless I'm running a 101 degree fever, unusual bleeding or pain, or have trouble urinating, according to them I'm dandy and shouldn't call the doctor. Tell me if you've heard this one before...I'm supposed to just go through this like everyone else...When I didn't, he didn't seem to care, and his NA just kept talking to me in this tone of disbelief because I'm "not supposed to be having any problems like this." I kept bringing up I have MCTD, before and after surgery, and tried to explain that I rarely ever go through something like everyone else, but they didn't hear a word I said. Except one nurse and the ER...and I really missed the er after they admitted me.

I didn't get to go right home after the surgery because I had the worst bladder spasms. For a while we didn't know what it was. One nurse finally got a different doc on the phone and he suggested that was the cause of my misery and it was. They gave me something for it and that was so much better! I got to go home soon after that. So I go home the night after the surgery. I felt rough for a couple of days. I was feeling a little better yesterday but last night I felt chills, flank pain, the ibs went up a big uncontrollable notch, and felt so weak. I drank more water anyway, I took my Cipro and went to bed, finally slept for a little while...and woke up feeling like I've been sleeping in a sauna and feeling so worn out, but better than earlier.

My guess is the stone fragments may have been moving around although I never felt that bad when the solid stones moved around. (this makes stone number 4, but this was the first i couldn't pass) I never had chills or felt weak before. Just flank pain from hell and the ibs was crazier than usual. I cannot eat anything it seems but toast. Everything else makes my gut sound like ww3 is going on and the pain that comes with that is awful. Even my pain pills are intolerable to my gut. My diet has been in trouble for months now and now it's worse. Anyone else go through bowel trouble with kidney stones or kidney trouble? i can find nothing on the net about it but ever since the kidney problems have been troubling me more, i can't eat much of anything without the ibs going up a notch and none of my ibs meds can control it. I still haven't found a GI doc yet. I keep losing weight without any exercise. I feel like I've spent more time in bed the past 3.5 months than I have in my whole life. I lost 23 lbs in three months. Which, if I felt better and could eat better, I'd be thrilled about.

I also need some advice about the doctor thing. I'm thinking I need another doctor. This guy is an ass and scares me. I don't want to go back to this urologist's office later to get the stent removed. But I wonder if I can do that since he's the one that treated me and is supposedly still treating me. Can you change doctors in the midst of a procedure like this? Will I run into another urologist who will say "You can't do that." or will my insurance have a fit about it and say no? Has anyone else done that before, when you've had surgery done, change to another doctor? I really don't care to see this guy again. But I also worry if I could pick another one, will that doc also be an ass. This is so frustrating!