I have just recently found out that it is our calcium that neutralizes our immune responses. As I have said before that my ana titer goes 1:320, negative one week later, 1:640, negative one week later, 1:1260, negative one week later. doctors just kept testing because they said that it was the tests that couldnt be counted on that I was fine dispite all the neuro issues.

So it is our kidneys that are in charge of the hormones
eurythropoetin=signals bones to make blood
renin= regulates blood pressure
D3= calcium up take
so if I have been low on blood, had wacked out blood pressure too low and have osteoporosis, muscle weakness and immune difficulties and hyperparathyroidism would it be fare to say that even though my kidney functions show relatively normal, that they are what is difunctioning.

So I think my titers are going back and forth from neg to pos because I still have the capacity to neutralize them but its a little slow and the titers are higher and higher because my neutralizing response is getting slower and slower.

also I have asked myself why porphyrics dont test possitive for ana even though I beleive that they are the same disease. I think that it is because they slip through the cracks of diagnostics. porphyria is only rare because it is rare that they dont get diagnosed with something else first and it is during these negative periods that they just happened to be tested. its all about what you catch in the act.

I think antinuclear antibodies are bound to show once they settle into the connective tissue. in my body I only had a small sjogrens titer with that so I was still neutralizing it. once it starts into dsdna and ssa then its indisputably lupus and no need to go any further with figuring out the illnesses name. anyway how many of you have illnesses in your family that are either lupus related or neurologically related including scizophrenia cuz thats a neurological issue with a psychological presentation. also I believe that manic depression is the occilation of electrolite homeostasis. all these diseases occilate/ wax and wane/ go back and forth. hell even hypochondria is I think.

porphyria accounts for all these issues