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Thread: Lupus & APS

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    Hi -

    I was originally diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome about five years ago when I started with livedo reticularis/vasculitis flares. I am on varying levels of prednisone depending if I have a flare (5 at the lowest, upto 60 at the highest), cellcept (2000 daily), and actonel.

    When the weather broke with hot spells, I started getting a malar rash out of nowhere and major photosensitivity. My rheumatologist thinks that it is lupus based on other previous symptoms, but didn't actually diagnose me with lupus. Ultimately, he said that I would be on the same medicines either way and that I am a "cocktail" of various autoimmune issues, so I guess it doesn't matter if I am diagnosed or not...?!? Just a bit concerned and sick of going to doctors!!

    My husband and I are hoping to have children, although we realize that it may be difficult with APS, but are hopeful. At this point, there are no plans of becoming pregnant because of my various medications.

    - KM

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    Hi KM! I have absolutely no knowledge of APS, but wanted to welcome you to WHL. It's a fabulous forum comprised of people from all over the world who truly care.

    Someone with some actual knowledge with APS will chime in shortly but I wanted to be sure to welcome you aboard!

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