Hi guys, sorry i haven't been on for ages, just been stupidly busy balancing university work and being ill lots!

Anyways, I went to the hospital today, I've moved hospitals as I live in Manchester now and its hard for me to get to my hospital back home.

I spoke to the Dr and had to go through all my symptons, and I know this sounds silly but its as if he was doubting me.

Lately I've been in SO much pain, in my legs, arms, back, hands, fingers. Both joints and muscles. I told him this, and told him its at the point where I cant leave the house a few days a week, my bf's having to cook for me etc etc. However, he didn't seem to have any view on this. He asked me if my joints were swollen and I said no but told him tht my knees and knuckles go red when im ill (which you think would be inflammation). Also I told him it hurt when he touched my ankles n calves, and biceps. Also told him my fatigues getting worse (which it is, its unbearable!!!)

He then asked me if i have any rashes, and I said about how i get red cheeks that are sore (like the butterfly rash) but he also just seemed to dismiss that.

I don't know if its me being paranoid, or if its cus he's knew and im not used to his style (if ya get me). I mean he still put on my documents that I have lupus, so maybe its just because he can't do anything yet?

He sent me for lots of blood tests, cause he mentioned something about how i've not had organ involvement which is strange, but tbh i've only had it for just over a year?!

Anyway im just confused and miserable cause im constantly in pain and have exams coming up. What do you guys think?