This is just a thread to vent and to make a suggestion to those that are new to this like I am. I went and picked up a copy of all of my records this week. Yes, all of them. A set from every one of my doctors because I am moving GPs because I am trying to find someone who will LISTEN to me and I have felt that the current ones were not. After reviewing all of my records I must admit that my gut was correct. They were NOT listening. Half of the information in my files was incorrect! These are the doctors that are suppose to be finding out what is going on with me but they haven't even been paying enough attention to me to write down correct information in my file!

While I have always asked for copies of my labs, from this point forward I will be getting a copy of my files every year and I would suggest that everyone do the same. You will be really surprised by the things that are not correct in there. Major things that can throw off diagnosis. Everyone has told me that I have to be in charge of my own care and this proved it to me.

Thanks for all of the good information all of you have given me on this site. I am learning well from all of you