Hi Everyone,
I've not been on this forum for AGES and was determined to completely ignore my SLE because it is not very severe.

Please help me out someone!
Two nights ago I had an awful experience. I woke up around 12.45 with a high temperature. My body was aching all over. My muscles, my joints and even my throat. I couldn't swallow comfortably. I thought that I'd obviously managed to pick up a bad strain of flu. (do you also diagnose yourself?) But I also had this strange, uncomfortable lump about the size of a peach pip just below my left breast. It was a hot night and my husband had thrown the duvet off and yet I was shivering . I figured my temperature was climbing and I needed to drink something cold to help bring it down so I went to the kitchen.

I'd only just got to the fridge when I suddenly felt faint and nauseous so rushed back to bed before I keeled over. So I thought that my temp must have been very high if I felt nauseous. I waited for the faint feeling to pass so that I could again try for something cool to drink from the kitchen. But then I had a sudden bout of diarrhoea. "Oh No!" I thought, " its that Tummy Bug going around!" I felt less nauseous after that and ventured to the kitchen again.

I knew I needed something cool to drink and some tablet to bring the temp down. I took a Myprodol. I could not believe that this Bug had hit me so quickly! I headed back to bed but after an hour I was still wide awake, still shivering and in pain. I just could not get back to sleep and the pains would not go! So at 2. 30 I took another painkiller. I eventually went to sleep at 4 in the morning! When i woke again a 7.30 I made an appointment with my GP.

When I eventually got to the consultation around midday, the lump was almost gone (in fact he could not feel it)! and my throat was completely normal. My body felt a bit battered and bruised still but had I felt like that earlier, I would not have made the appointment. Anyway the doc took bloods which came back NORMAL so I ended up feeling like a complete fraud!

Today I feel fine again but I've had a phlegm cough and this prickly sensation mainly on my hands - almost as though I've picked up a prickly pear with all its thorns lodged in my skin. I'm wondering if this was a flare! I figured that an inflammation could have produced the phlegm and the lump was just a particularly inflamed spot.

But now I still have this strange prickly sensation. Has anyone else had this?

Take care,