I went to the Dr 2 weeks ago and he check my reflex in my knees. It hurts like Crazy when he does that. My knees and legs hurt all day which they have been for a while it just made it worse. That night my right leg gave out and I fell in the kitchen. I laid down after that and a few hours later my right leg was cold to the touch. It felt like I had ice packs all the way down my leg. So I took a hot bath to see if it would help warm the leg and when I got out it was still cooler than my other leg but not to bad. Went on to bed. 2 days later my toes on my right foot start tingling really bad like a painful tingle. I've notice I get the tingling alot more now not just the right feet but my left too. Its also up in my legs. Sometimes when I walk it starts with the painful tingling. Its hard to explain the feelings I'm getting in my arms and legs are almost like they don't belong to me. They hurt and tingling and a weird sensation..

I'm keeping not of all this to take to the Dr but was wondering if anyone has Any ideas whats going on or if they have had this happen???