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Thread: Do we still have any members in Oklahoma?

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    Default Do we still have any members in Oklahoma?

    I remember that we used to have someone there who posted regularly, but I don't think that we've heard from her for a while. If any of our friends are there, please let us know that you are ok.
    Here is the e-mail that I received from my dear friend who lives near Norman, Ok. this morning:

    ~we are fine, everything around us is slammed, destroyed or otherwise devastated. Our porches are in pieces, I can see the roof of one in the back 40 and the other has a tree through it. BUT, we are fine.

    I heard the roar and went to yell at Thomas to tell him there was a tornado on the ground and saw him hanging onto his truck in the driveway. I heard the porch coming apart so I backed into the house and went to lay on top the baby. She NEVER woke up, slept through the whole thing.

    We are one of the few families that has power and water so we got through it easy. Lots of people have nothing, we were a mile from the major destruction.

    Take care everyone and kiss your loved ones for me.

    When I talked to her last night, she told me about the Love's Travel Stop where we used to buy our gas being destroyed. When I turned on GMA this morning, Sam Champion was reporting from the remains of that travel stop. A few years ago, another tornado flattened the outlet mall where my friends and I used to shop. Mother Nature seems determined to totally change the Oklahoma City area that I knew!

    If you are there, I hope that you and your loved ones are ok.

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    Thank you for sharing the e-mail from you friend. You are very kind to ask after our members in Oklahoma. I do hope that we hear from them and that they are safe!

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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