Hello. I am new to this forum. I am sending this in regards to my husband. We are not sure if he has Lupus or not. He gets red round circular spots that appear on his cheek and occasionally on the back of his head. He also has joint pain and muscle weakness. He sometimes has a hard time focusing on a task and does seem forgetful at times. The first dermatologist he saw did a biopsy, of the red round circular spot on his cheek, and the biopsy came back suggestive of Lupus. It has never been confirmed. It has gradually gotten worse. My husband has been activated for a year tour at Fort Knox, KY. He is U.S. Army Reserves. He started having some problems and the military sent him to a dermatologist in Louisville, KY. The dermatologist in Louisville, thinks it is Dermatomyositis. My husband and I are both confused. He has or fits the symptoms of both diseases. Can you give any suggestions or advise on what we should do or try next? Do you know of any good Doctor's in the Louisville, KY area that specializes in these two diseases? We live in Western KY. This is so hard for my husband, he is a very active 35 year old man. When he is not deployed, he is a Detective at our local police department. So between the military and law enforcement he stays very active. Which ever disease this is, is really getting to him. There are days he feels like he has the flu. We would just like some answers or help in getting him diagnosed properly. I am doing all I can to help but with us being apart right now it is very difficult. I am supporting him and trying to get answers. Please help this very concerned wife!!! Thank you so much. By the way my name is Karen.