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Thread: diagnosed with discoid/profundus/mixed connective tissue

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    Default diagnosed with discoid/profundus/mixed connective tissue

    Hello I am 44 years old and was diagnosed with morphea in 2000. Scared me to death because the doctor didn't explain to me what it was except that it was a form of scleraderma. I immediatley started researching and put myself into panic attacks. In 2005 another dermatologist took biopsies and determined that I have lupus. I also have lupus profundus at this point. Everything is on my left side. Has anyone ever noticed that the problems run on one side of their body? I am scared that it will progress into SLE. I already feel that I have so many of the symptoms. Some days I feel like I can't put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes this will go on for a month or so and then all of a sudden one day I will wake up and it is like a blanket of fatigue has been lifted off of me. Usually when this happens I will find another small spot on my back or left arm that either has a hard nodule(on my left upper arm) or red circular patch (on the left side of my back) I also run a low grade fever almost all of the time. My regular body temp used to be about 97. Now it is about 99.5 most of the time. I also keep swollen glands in my neck. Also my legs, knees tops of my shoulders and now my wrists seem to ache for no reason. Where I have the nodules in my left arm it feels like a deep burning pain all of the time. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone who had either kind of lupus? I have not been tested for SLE since 2005. Those blood best came back negative for the ana .Whatever that means. But he told me they were inconclusive and that he needed to do more test. I was at his office for the testing when I got a call that my house was on fire and that it was a total loss including my 2 dogs. I haven't been back to the doctor since. Another question that I have is does anyone see a connection with mosquitoe bites and lesions? Wow, I didn't mean for my first post to be so long. I have had questions for so long. Thank you for letting me ramble. I would appreciate any input. THANKS.
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