I've been battling HA's over the past few weeks. Initially, I thought it was due to a new anti-depressant, but don't feel that the meds are the cause because they still persist after two months.

Since returning from the Sjogren's conference, I have felt very run down and like I was getting the flu. On Weds I was feeling some tightness in my chest and then my throat felt weird and I had a low grade fever.

This morning, I awoke with a swollen throat, although it doesn't hurt to swallow.

The last time this happened my doctor said it was just a virus and it went away a few days later. I hate to run to the doctor every time this happens, but am tiring of the HA's and am wondering if my swollen throat/fever/HA's are due to enlarged paratoid glands?

Any ideas or similar eperiences?