I've been travelling from Colo to AZ for the past 7 weeks to train for a new job. I've had some problems on and off with swelling but thought it was just due to the extreme heat in AZ (sometimes 115 degrees). Last week I started having extreme swelling in both my legs and feet. I do have one foot that has Morton's neuroma, but didn't think that could cause this degree of swelling.

When I got off the plane last Friday, my legs and feet were so severly swollen, could barely bend my legs and if someone had poked them with a pin, I swear I could explode. I'm really scared to tell my dr as my rheumatologist is in a city that almost an hr away and I usually get the advice to go to the ER. My next scheduled appt with her is on 9/29. I know I need to get into see someone but don't want to jeopardize my job. I'm taking blood pressure meds as well as a diuretic but neither seem to be helping.

I was diagnosed with lupus of the brain in July and don't want to have lupus of any other organ. Has anyone else experienced severe swelling?