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Thread: Chest pressure.

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    Default Chest pressure.

    So i havent been diagnosed yet and the only thing i know is my ANA is positive and i have been breaking out in hives for a month. Yesterday, i had pressure in my chest all day and at night it was still there so i freaked out and went to the ER. 5 hours later after bloodwork, a CT scan, and an EKG they couldnt see anything that needed immediate attention. Today, i still feel the same way, feels like someone is sitting on my chest. Anyonw have any idea what this could be?

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    i felt this way last night. i'm a college student, 3 hrs away from my parents and my doctors. so, when my chest began to hurt, i freaked out too.
    i called my mom and she said that its probably just heartburn, so i took some acid reducer and about an hour later actually fell asleep. shortly after
    i woke up, because it seemed to get worse. throughout the night, when i'm asleep, i toss and turn, and everytime i turned it felt like someone had
    stabbed me in the chest with a knife. about 3am, i took about 600mg (i think) of ibeprofeun and the pain ceased, and i was eventually able to go back to
    sleep. i'm sorry, its a terrible feeling, i know. i hope its nothing serious, feel better soon, hun.
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    If the pressure has not gone away and you continue to feel pain, go back to the doctor. Ask them to look for inflammation in the sac surround the heart. This is called Pericarditis and it is a condition that many Lupus patients suffer from. The symptoms are usually chest pain, radiating to the back and relieved by sitting up forward and worsened by lying down. Other symptoms of pericarditis may include dry cough, fever, fatigue, and anxiety. Pericarditis can be misdiagnosed as myocardial infarction (heart attack), and vice versa.

    There are a large number of conditions that can cause chest pressure aside from pericarditis. They include myocarditis, angina, low red blood cells, costochondritis, and many others.

    Your chest pain could also be caused by Pulmonary Hypertension, another condition that is common amongst Lupus patients. Pulmonary hypertension is abnormally high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs. It makes the right side of the heart need to work harder than normal. So the symptoms include:
    Chest pain, usually in the front of the chest - Dizziness - Fainting - Fatigue - Leg swelling -Light headedness during exercise - Shortness of breath during activity -Weakness.

    Whatever the cause, this is something that your doctors should not dismiss. So, ask them to check for both conditions given the fact that you are currently being tested for Lupus!

    Best of Luck to You

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