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    Default Another Vitamin D Link

    I was ready to turn off my computer when this popped up. I just had to log back in and share it.

    I also read the article that was mentioned about breastfeeding and RA. I spent 13 years straight - pregnant, breastfeeding, or both at the same time. I wonder if that is why my RF is low, even though I'm showing symptoms?

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    Thanks for posting this Marla. I often wonder how my health issues all came about, and i've always suspected vitamin D, and Iron. These are two things which my body has never been able to absorb properly, i've been on and off vitamin D tablets, and Iron tablets for over 15 years, but my autoimmune problems only began about 3 to 4 years ago. I don't know if the lack of vitamin D and Iron in my body have anything to do with all my health issues, but this is something i've often wondered. I'm sure there are a lot of factors that come into this, and it's most likely a series of things which have caused my problems, but until we know for certain why and how autoimmune conditions come about, there are always going to be a difference in opinion. I think most of us who have lupus have thought long and hard about how the disease came about, and for me, the only things I can come up with are the fact that I have had a lot of vitamin deficiencies in my life, and stress and worry is something i've always been very good at...Then there are days when I think, if it's going to happen, then there's no preventing it. Maybe it's just in our genes, whether it's hereditary or not, if we are born with it, then eventually it's going to show itself. I hope one day we all get the answers we are looking for...the sooner they find the cause to autoimmune problems, the closer we all are to a cure.

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