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Thread: Fluorescent Lights and The Body

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    Default Fluorescent Lights and The Body

    Hi all. I know many of us have issues with fluorscent lights. In my new office, I can't control my lights. I find after about 6 hours (with SPF 70, sweater, hat, sunglasses) it takes its toll on me. What I have specifically noticed is a lightheaded feeling that comes and goes (almost dizzy), as well as what some people might equate to feelings associated with a panic attack. Palpitations, tense, shaky. I assume this is all physiological. Please tell me you have experienced it, and what you have done to help! Oh, and that it isn't in my mind!!!!

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    sounds similar to what I feel in the sun but (thankfully) not in my office. Check with HR they can get low UV bulbs that can replace the regular ones, even if just right over your work space.
    much love to all my lupie friends -

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    Not in your mind and not panic attack hun
    i started same ituation last summer and it contiued till planequil had kicked in,always under those type lights same thing.

    i did have small wee panicky attacks but once realsied what was happening to me that it was lupus and not severe lupus i found panic attck part stopped as did palipations.

    told rheumy and hes upped my planequil its workign though rash came out while at meal for 2 no were near as bad,not the faint feeling jus stingy rash faituge.
    sendign you hug.
    do tell your doc about this and soon as you can.
    were in this togther support anytime hun i thoguht i was alone till read your post.
    hope ive helped by sharing your not alone.
    in sun i get redness other rashes and sickly but lgiht for me are worse.sun cream does help maybe try upping sun cream to 70 see what rheumy says told me to try 50 to 70.
    much lv melly c

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