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    Default hey everybody

    hi guys,
    first of all, I do not have lupus. at least as far as I know. But my mom does, she is a member on here too. but anyway, I really would love all of your impute on something that I am doing. I am in a pageant, and we do a platform, which is basically a subject or cause that we would like for community to become more involved with or to gain more knowledge on. I have selected lupus awareness as mine. so if you all could tell me what you most want people to know about lupus, or those who suffer from it. anything that you wish they just already knew. anything you have to say would be a big help.

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    Hi Queenie,
    First Good Luck with the pageant. I think it's great that you chose Lupus. I was not aware of Lupus, that it even existed until the doc said I had it. I've really had it most of my life and didn't know it. All the pain, all the flare thinking that all these different things where happening to me; when basically it was one disease attacking my body in different areas. I'll say more later got to go get ready for work

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