I thought I may give this a try and find others that I have this disease in common with. I have SLE and was diagnosed over 15 years ago. Not much seems to change, the fatigue and joint pain are unbearable at times, and I take much time off from work. It is a good thing that I have a civil service job or I would have been dismissed long ago.

My current complaint is with my elbow that began to throb out of no where. Starting PT tomorrow, but I feel there is something broke deep inside.

I did a bad thing while on a trip for work to Florida for two weeks, I discontinued my Plaquenil, Elavil, and Cymbalta. I have issues wth taking meds and this is a pattern for me. The first doc I saw put me on endless doses of Cellcept, Plaquenil, and Prednisone. It seemed that each time he had a new name for my ailments, or should I say a name for the symptoms, the Lupus is absolute. He said I had fybromyalgia, rheumatoid arthiritus, etc. I changed docs and he came up with new names (forgetting now) to call my eye and dry mouth problems. LOOKS like I am out of space...happy to hear how others cope...