Ok so months ago I told my rheumy I was having symptoms(burning pain in legs,arms & back of neck/shoulders,tingling in arms,legs & face/back of neck,elevated heartrates(from70s-140s or higher if moving around)along with skipped/overlapped beats,dizziness upon standing,flushing(looks identical to my lupus malar rash),heat intolerance etc.) Anyway,she did some tests...24 hr. holter monitor..which when I had the palpitations/chest pains everything was said to be normal. I also had an echo done which showed slight mitral valve prolapse but nothing else. I had 2 emg`s & 2 nerve studies done..both normal. I also saw a neuro who on examination said my loss of feeling(pin prick test)was patchy like vasculitis. So he ordered a skin biopsy on my left leg in 3 places for peripheral neuropathy...came back megative. Could all this be explained by autonomic beuropathy then??
= talked to my rheumy about it but she pretty much brushed it off.
I also have seizures but we dont know if they are connected to the lupus or not.
Any suggestions on testing or what I could do to figure this out? I am frustrated because correct me if im wrong but plaquenil alone doesnt get rid of any cns/pns/ans involvement right? If not what is used to treat it?
Anyone else have similar issues?
Thanks so much. -Britt