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Thread: Autonomic Neuropathy

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    Question Autonomic Neuropathy

    Ok so months ago I told my rheumy I was having symptoms(burning pain in legs,arms & back of neck/shoulders,tingling in arms,legs & face/back of neck,elevated heartrates(from70s-140s or higher if moving around)along with skipped/overlapped beats,dizziness upon standing,flushing(looks identical to my lupus malar rash),heat intolerance etc.) Anyway,she did some tests...24 hr. holter monitor..which when I had the palpitations/chest pains everything was said to be normal. I also had an echo done which showed slight mitral valve prolapse but nothing else. I had 2 emg`s & 2 nerve studies done..both normal. I also saw a neuro who on examination said my loss of feeling(pin prick test)was patchy like vasculitis. So he ordered a skin biopsy on my left leg in 3 places for peripheral neuropathy...came back megative. Could all this be explained by autonomic beuropathy then??
    = talked to my rheumy about it but she pretty much brushed it off.
    I also have seizures but we dont know if they are connected to the lupus or not.
    Any suggestions on testing or what I could do to figure this out? I am frustrated because correct me if im wrong but plaquenil alone doesnt get rid of any cns/pns/ans involvement right? If not what is used to treat it?
    Anyone else have similar issues?
    Thanks so much. -Britt
    *LadyBug*- Epilepsy Dx: 2003 & UCTD w/SLE features Dx: 2009 SLE/Lupus Dx: May 12th 2011 Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency Dx: 2012--Current Meds:
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    Hydrocortisone 10mg A.M. & 10mg 4P.M.
    Keppra-1250mg 2x/day
    Prenatal Vitamin-1x/day
    Protonix 40mg 1x/day
    Flonase 50mcg 2 sprays each 1x/day

    Wanna know my story, just ask!

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    I suffered from autonomic neuropathy. our autonomic nervous system is part of our peripheral system, it is controled by our central, but it is regulated by our metabolism. you could get your thyroid checked. but most importantly know how important the parathyroid is to your nervous system and know that there are small nerve fibers all over your body that contol your parasympathetic system and there are three hormones that control calcium inour body PTH, vitamin D and some other one I cant think of . Calciums number one job in our adult bodys is muscle contraction and nervous conductions, our bones are a reservour for this calcium. magnesium counter balences calcium. at first we become vitamin D deficient and also suffer from malabsorbtion to this calcium. I do beleive I remeber you saying that you have problems in your abdomin. I suffered from small intestinal errosion. if this calcium is not going back to your bones then where is it going? there is such thing as secondary hyperparathyroidism which can be caused through kydney damage from misplaced calcium. anyways bottom line is first I fixed vitamin K. that is the intestinal flora in our gut. probiotics and very green veggies for cloraphil. vitamin K tells calcum where it needs to go. then I started taking D. vitamin d does weird stuff to me because I have an SSB titer and I beleive it is the parathyroid that is the gland getting attacked. then I started to replace calcium and magnesium. that pretty much put a stop to the apnea and waking up with my blood pressure and heart rate so low that I was almost in shock and my arms were ice cold, and then all of a sudden my viens in my neck would constrict causing the blood in my head to reflux (CCSVI) and my eyes to feel like the were bulging. I started having motor seizures. I was dying. it wont stop until you take over. I am running on the tread mill, doing push ups etc. I was a sinking ship and had to through preservative and cigartettes, painmeds with tylenol over board to free my body up for healing. I even threw digestion out and started juicing. even the act of digestion was too much for my body.
    google calcium and nervous system if you dont believe me. I have said it before and I will say it again, I dont beleive there is such thing as molecular mimicry. I think its an arcaic notion, it is just a theory yet all these very nieve doctors take it for dogma because they are all men and like good little soldiers they do as they are told. dont beleive the hype. nutrition is everything

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