Before I was diagnosed in July, I felt like I had a cold or flu that had lasted for like, six months. I went into the hospital for a week, was diagnosed and put on meds, lost a lot of water and was feeling really good for about two weeks. I had MEGA energy and didn't feel sick at all. Since then, I have been feeling worse and worse. My energy is all gone again, and I feel kind of like I was feeling before I was put on meds, with the exception of all the water weight, and I can still use my voice and breathe... for the most part.

My most common symptoms include: frequent headaches, light headedness, shaking, nausea, I am congested, but only in my nose, vision issues, and hot flashes.

I have others, but these seem to be the ones that stick around or come back frequently.

Is this part of the Lupus, or does this seem to be more like I've caught the flu or something?

I'm a little worried, as my doctor specifically told me to be sure I DON'T catch something...

Any insight is greatly appreciated!!!