So I belong to 2 other lupus sites other than this one( & I saw some posts on there about ppl who have probs with rheumys and their care.
1.) My rheumy is a general rheumy although her personal interests are in Scleroderma. She is also still in fellowship so she is still learning the ropes. So should I be seeing a rheumy who specializes solely in lupus?
2.) No local rheumys believed I was even sick so I have to go to one 3 hrs away. I also see a beuro there. They have had me on Plaquenil since june of 09 but im not in complete remission. They just treat pain & my seizures but wont give any other meds to help control symptoms.
3.) My rheumy & neuro are located at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland & I live on the eastern shore about 30 minutes from Salisbury. Does anyone know of a rheumy I could even go to...but more importantly do you see the need 4 a change?, because I have cns symptoms they wont recognize as cns lupus etc. Thanks.