On April 1st 2010: So last week I had a scratchy throat for a few days & gradually got symptoms of a cold(fever 98.9-99.1),chills,runny/stuffy nose,and some lupus symptoms aggrivated by it as well,butterfly rash,aching/burning in legs & lower back.

That said,it lasted from sunday to sunday..went away monday-tuesday and then last night I started gettin the scratchy throat again w/a rash which was worse this morning upon waking(even though my window was covered all night to block the sun) I have had a fever again from 98.7-99.4.

Anybody have a take on what it could be??

April 3rd 2010: I am still having sinus pressure/ache/drainage, runny/stuffy nose but my throat feels better. Unfortunately it has made my lupus flare up even more! I was hurting/aching so bad in my legs last night that my feet even ached. I got a shower and even had burning pain down the top part of my spine in my neck. ehh I ache today and have another rash but I guess it could be worse. Also having low blood sugars now regularly. Joy.

*15 weeks today *