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I haven't been on prednisone, but am on plaquenil. I developed a rash on my face last year - itchy, pimply looking, scaly,ICKY. I figured it was the lupus. My doc said "hmmm, I think it is rosacea." My rheumy said "hmmm I think it is rosacea."

each prescribed a differnt cream. AND my doc sent me to a dermatologist. Turned out it WAS rosacea, and it was the cream SHE prescribed that finally brought it under control. I have some scarring from it, and now feel I need to wear makeup all the time. THe green tinted base under foundation can be a REAL help when it is really flaring

If your rheumyy isn't sure, be sure to ask for a dermotologist - it isn't ALWAYS the lupus!
Holy moly, your story just rung one heck of a bell!! :shock: I went to my new rheumy last week (haven't seen one in just over a year), and she saw the rash on my face and immediately suspected roseacea. When I told her it was alternately itchy and painful, she nodded and repeated her roseacea diagnosis and suggested cortisone cream until I could arrange to see a dermatologist.