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Thread: New to lupus!

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    Red face New to lupus!

    Hi! My life seemed perfect until several months ago when my kidney function began to diminish. I was quickly diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease with lupus being possible. My nephrologist has not yet diagnosed me with Lupus . .but has in my record . ."inactive lupus" . I think he's waiting for 1 more symptom / criteria to officially diagnose me. It's been overwhelming to go from perfectly healthy to having a non-curable disease! During this last week, I have noticed a subtle pink blush on my cheeks and nose .. not sure if that's the infamous butterfly rash or not??? I would love to find a New Hampshire or Massachusetts Lupus specialist that I could make an appointment with. Does anyone have any recommendations? I am not a good one to "wait and see" . Looking forward to this website . .and "meeting" many of you! Thanks for being there! Gail

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    hi gail,

    your experience of going from prefectly healthy to wondering what has happened to your body sounds very familiar. It is amazing how quickly this disease can change our "normal". You said your nephrologist is waiting to diagnose lupus. Have you seen a rheumatologist. Lupus diagnosis requires positive blood tests as well as meeting certain physical criteria, so it might be out of your nephrologist's realm of specialty.

    We have several members in the northeast, ,but i don't know if they are in your specific area. I hope someone can help you find a good rheumatologist in your area.

    I would like to add, in your search for a rheumatologist, if you don't get good "vibes" when you visit a dr., then do not hesitate to look for another. Many of us have gone through several drs. before we found one that makes a good team member for our battle against this devastating disease.

    good luck to you, and i hope you will stay with us....there is so much compassion and knowledge at this forum, and we all benefit from each other's shared experiences.

    share a smile today

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