i been getting abscesses for soem time

saw dentist ive got another on anti bioctics he not happy to treat me due to my list new diagnsois.
referring me urgently to dental hospital ass ame hospital i go to for rheumy as they got my notes.

hurts alot face so swolle even made me lip numb hards wallow gland up.

would this be lupus realted once they take hold its hard to shoft hes a top class dentist and had treated with ra while on mtx but was woried about infection risk.

nyone knpw what they will do different at dental hospital,i been once before for white marks on a xray was lesions due to rough tooth extraction afetr previous dentist couldnt heal up infection.

that consultant i saw was soc ross said could haves ent me there when infection not healing and would have saved my tooth grr.

felt so upset that my needs are so complex.

my lymphocytes are low and now lower due to steriod inejction that i so needed.
neuitrphils are high re infection.

my mam felt upset doesnt understand why dentist cartn treat me calmed ehr down and said not your fault.
at same time my hands are red swollen as is my upper arms really hot.

guess its flaring from stress upset of yesteday.