I have a rather wierd situation, my husband was diagnosed with lupus this year after a heart attack. We think the flare was caused by extreme stress at work (he is in the navy, and his boss was a major dork).

He was taken off the ship and put on medical hold while they were doing tests and finally diagnosed with SLE. and was told to go to a rhuematologist. While waiting the 2 months for the appointment he started to feel better and was doing all the workouts he could do before (he is a mega fit person) so he went to the appointment with the expectation that the rhuematologist would just be a formality.

However when he went she took his ANA and it was elevated and felt his joints which were swollen, he had been in pain but nothing he wasn't working through, as he has always had arthritis in his knees anyway. So she told him he was experiencing a flare, and it was so bad that he could get out of the navy in 2 weeks if he wanted, as he didn't want to get out she told him she was going to put him on Chemo injections (Methotrexate) for 5 months, she also has him on Prednisone, plaquenil,Methocarbmol and folic acid.

After he went on this he couldn't workout anymore, and felt worse than he did when he wasn't taking anything, when he went back two weeks later to be tested she told him his ANA test was negative and that he was in remission, but she still wants him to continue with the chemo injections, and all the other stuff.

My husband thinks the woman is a quack and just wants money, and as staying on this regime will seriously affect his career (including messing up an assignment to Japan), he wants to tell her to ease him off all the medication she put him on and just deal with the aches (not heart pain or anything though)if he can, and take each day at a time. So here is my question what are the opinions of the experienced people here to my husband?

Hoping you can help with some words of wisdom, thankyou