hey people, how are you ll today? Thank you so your imputs, greatly appreciated! Yesterday i finally went to get my results and remove the stitches on my wrist. I am from the Caribbean and so is my dermatologist. He sent my skin to a lab called D-Path Dermatopathology in Memphis TN. My diagnosis of the rash is spongiotic dermatitis (692.9). Can anyone tell me what were the results from the lab that confirmed the lupus? My derm told me that its just eczema and prescribed elocon to apply to it and it works really welll! But he hasnt told me anything about lupus. I guess when i carry back the results to my rheumy he would let me know. anyone have anything similiar?

This is the results:

A. Left wrist , punch - spongiotic dermatitis

Comment: the differential diagnosis includes allergic contact dermatitis, nummular dermatitis, a drug eruption or the id reaction. Clinical correlation is advised.