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Thread: Different types of steriods?

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    Default Different types of steriods?

    So Gordon and I haven't been around in a long time but there have been many new developments recently with nothing actually happening.

    So his leak slowly went up to around the 200 mark over the last few months we had previously gotten down to 80. At his last check up she said it was time to look at Rhutuximab (sp?) this is what he had wanted so badly for the months prior to this check so his doctor schueled a Biopsy to confirm what she thought was happening and that the leak really was at the level or going up or whatever.

    He had had his Biopsy last Friday and today she finally called. Now she said it was good news and that his Lupus wasn't as aggressive as they had first thought which means she has another drug for him to use and that will get him better.
    Now Gordon told me this and this makes me very happy, but him not so much.
    He was so desperate for Rhutuximab and now he feels as if he is out of the loop which is understandable.
    I am trying to look into what other steriods are used for Lupus and if anyone has experienced it.

    He is filling himself with all these thoughts which he has nothig to base on, which I get in his situtation, I am just trying to ease them. He got his biopsy on his Left Kidney and he is worried that, that influenced the results because he was under the impression that his lupus only effected his right Kidney, but when he said this to the doctors taking the biopsy they said it didn't matter which kidney it was takeen on.

    Point being is there any thing behind these thoughts that could be correct, and does anyone have any ideas on what this medication could be?

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    Welcome back, Jess!
    I'm glad that Gordon is starting to get some answers. There are others here who know more about steroids than I do, so hopefully someone will come around with more ideas. It seems that many of us get started on Plaquenil first. Is he taking that already? There are also many of us taking MTX or Imuran, so one of those immunosuppressants might be what the doc is considering.
    Just keep this in mind - if he is taking MTX (probably any immunosupressant) use birth control. I've read that those meds can cause problems, whether it is the mother or the father taking them.
    Hugs to both of you,

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