I really don't know what I have - I am feeling very well these days. Planquinell 400mg is keeping joint paints at bay and mouth sores to a minimum. Yeah!

So I have a couple of symptoms that I haven't heard anyone mention and I wonder if they are diagnostic -
- I get these wild burning sensations in various small patches on my arms, face, chest and back, then it itches like crazy in about a day a small sore appears, it bleeds then scabs over continuing to itch for a week or so. Now one has been very intese and has lasted three months but mostly it's just a week or so. I have about five going all the time. Do any of you get these? What CTD does it relate to? they are very small, like the size of a pea
- Secondly I have a lot of stiffness in my hands, primarily the digits on both hands, worse in the morning and it doesn't feel like joint pain - it is more like a bee sting or a bruise.

I always forget to mention these to my dr because they are not as bothersome as the other stuff (which is now controlled, primarily dry eyes and GERD which they say now is esphogual dysmotility, but finally controlled by PPI)

Forgive me for taking up your time on these not so troublesome issues, I'm just wondering if they are diagnostic more than anything. I am running out of patience for a proper dx. And thanks much for your input.