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    I was just diagnosed last tuesday.My kidneys and liver are affected,I am in severe pain all the time,always tired and feel run down.I work a full time job.My question is have you guys kept working when you had your flare ups? My docs wanted me to apply for ssi and medicaide wich i did.How do you handle feeling so crappy all the time? My boss at is not understanding at all.She basiclly told me that if i cant come to work and be happy then maybe i should go somewere else.Most days it is really hard for me to just climb out of bed.

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    you have a hard decision to make. A non sympathic supervisor can only make it worse for you. I'm lucky in that my controller is somewhat sympathic with the errors I've made due to my flare. I won't tell you what to do; just that we are here for you. As for my continued working, I'm doing my best as I would be dependent on my daughter if I didn't. I'm sure that down the road I will have to be; but I'm trying to put it off.

    What is your support system like? Hopefully you are not alone in this. Peace of mind promotes healing.

    We are here,

    Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    the courage to change the things I can,
    and the wisdon to know the difference.
    Let me able able to live one day at a time,
    enjoying one moment at a time.

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    Oh Cristabell,
    Im sorry you are in allot of pain and firstly i think you should mention to your supervisor there are laws against discrimination, so if she wants to keep her job to SHUT UP!! Thats so makes me mad,the ignorance of some people.As if you have'nt enough to worry about..the silly moo sorry i said moo
    I hope you are able to get benefits and support and i hope you have a good doctor who can help you with the pain.Do you have a rheumi? I did work full time till Dec 2007 but insomnia actually put stops to me working as i was going on no sleep some days.You will know when the time comes whether its time to stop working, as much as you dont want to stop,sometimes you are in too much pain and exhausted just to get out of bed. But i hope your doctors get you on the rights meds and help you soon.

    I am still here,just been on new meds so unable to function like i used to.I will pop back,just know im thinking of you all and hoping you are keeping on keeping on.xxxxxxx

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