So this is my other post about the leg stuff. It started as one of my first real indicators that something wasn't right with me while I was on my way to a diagnosis. It started as a burning type pain and often accompanied by an ache in the tops of both thighs. Slowly over time it spread from my thighs into my lower back & stomach and then down my calves at times and then into my shoulders and arms and back of my neck.

When I got pregnant and all my symptoms went away all this did too. It just started coming back in my thighs/back. Before I was put on neurontin which I stopped along with a lot of other things because of the pregnancy. Not that it helped much before anyway lol I also had many tests done. 2 EMG/nerve studies which were normal, I saw/see a neuro at the same hopsital I see my rheumy who did the pin test and it showed patchy loss of sensation(the poke of the needle)similar to vasculitis. I have NEVER had any weakness associated with my symptoms.

The only other indicator of anything I have had is a slightly elevated CPK ranging from the 100s-300ish. I have been told this is not a high range.

With all that said I dont know what this even is or if anyone has had "peripheral neuropathy type symptoms" without weakness. If so, is there a name for this? Or can it be included within "Autonomic Nervous System Involvement" which I believe I have and have had many other symptoms of.

I would greatly appreciate any stories if you can relate or anyone that might have some information I can look into. Thanks so much. -Britt