I got diagnosed with CNS vasculitis at the end of July. I started having seizures in April and got started on anti-seizure meds (Gabitril 4mg 2 pills 2x daily). I didn't have headaches at all until I started the seizure meds. At the worst point of the seizures, I was having about 3 dozen a day. I talked to my neurologist about the headaches and he just keeps upping the dosage! Very frustrating! I want to take less meds instead of more!

Has anyone had this experience? My drs just keeping giving more meds or changing the meds or giving percocet. I don't know if there is a natural supplement that would help?

Let me know if anyone has any ideas. I'm at the end of my rope with this. I've been on Cytoxan therapy for the last 2 months and have 4 more months of chemo.