yes it is not just a theory, it is a contoversial one. It makes us beleive that only thing involved is our immune system and the place it attacks. WRONG. the truth is sooooo complicated that it would blow your mind. I am reading about molecular biology to understand it and am working on the true thing happening. lets put it this way if one takes a circle and pulls it what happens, it turns into an olval. what happens when you try to roll that olval. Balance is what I talking about. It starts with our metabolism and throws everything off. WHAT Is disautonomia. yes its a peripheral function, yes its contolled by the central nervous sytem but it is regulated by metabolic balence, the compartmentalization of medicine has lead doctors to believe that cardiology, neurology, rheumatology, gastroenterology have nothing to do with each other. The medical organization that puts this information out, already knows this. doctors read medical journals not scientific journals so like good little soldier (men dont ask why they just do it is the natutal of their linear thinking) they do what they are told. Women are always asking why why why why and are sooo analytical but they are not typically doctors so they lack the credability to gain an audience.

DAMMET this is your life we are talking about FIGHT FOR IT. I was DYING from dysautonmia. MY blood pressure was swinging back and forth and would plummet to 85 over 46, my heart rate was jumping up to 130 to compensate. When I would sleep my heart rate would drop but my blood pressure stayed low so I would wake up in SHOCK with my arms as cold as ice and my body shaking. I had apnea and would wake up screaming BREATH!!!. My blood sugar was jumping up to 200 making me sleepy then plummeting down to 70 which made me rageful. My eyes felt like they were bulging out of my head from the venous insufficiency in my jugular my arms would fall dead asleap. My heariing would come and go. I kept getting vertego.

Finally I started suffering from motor siezures that froze my neck and made my body so ataxic, I could barely walk.

That discover of vitamin D deficiency Saved my life. I take D with calcium citrate and magnesium. My metabolism is slowly coming back together again. I dont care if you believe my porphyria theory is correct you can deny my logic. BUT you cant deny your D deficiency and what D is important for. GET a nutrition panel and find out what you are lacking, listen to your body. getting back on track is an individualized experiment. and btw magnesium has to be dont in a loading test because a majority of what we need it for is not in the blood so it wont show deficient in a test.

this is your body FIGHT dont just sit there. I look in the mirror and what do I see, the only me there is going to be.