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    Sorry I haven't been on here in a while...
    Everyday now for the last 2 weeks I wake up with my hands swelled up and my fingers want move. I can't do anything first thing in the morning, and now it it getting worse. As the day goes on I find myself dropping things as I can not hold anything any more...I don't know what I am going to do with out my hands... was turned down again by the social security office which doesn't help any. I am so sick and aggravated with all this... I think this is starting to effect me emotionally. I am hanging in there the best I can but don't know what to do... the dr still says there is nothing she can do until I can afford to go the ruemy (sp) dr. and from the looks of things I don't think I will ever get there. Sorry just in a bad mood from not sleeping and coughing all night which i have been doing for over a month now.
    any one have any suggestions on what I can do about my hands not working???
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    hey , I am currently going through the same problem. I am working on getting health insurance so I can also go to the Rheum and get all this figured out. Believe me i know exactly how you feel. I have been dealing with all of this for the past year and am only getting worse! I developed issues with my hands and feet about a month or two ago. They are still in the morning when i wake up and red and swollen. Its scary in know! I have days where it hurts to do my hair or brush my teeth. I have also posted my issues regarding this matter on here and one member told me to look into CREST syndrome and/or scleroderma.Im no doctor but it does seem to be right on with whats going on with my body. I also have constant itching all over. But I would look into it. Usually in the morning when i wake up with my fingers all stiff, my boyfriend usually stretches them and rubs them to help get circulation back in them as well as to stretch the skin. And yes it does hurt a bit! But usually a bit after when i get them moving they feel a little bit better. I still have the stiffness throu the whole day but atleast its not as bad as when i wake up. My thumbs and pointer fingers are usually the worst. I also get the little bumps in the creases of my fingers that are sometimes red. The only way i can really describe it sometimes is that it feels like a callus but they obviously aren't . Do you also get stiffness in your hands? I get it when im holding the phone for too long , my fingers kind of form to the phone , it really just occurs when i carry anything that has a bit of a weight to it.. I noticed it really just happens with my left hand. I use to get upset about it and be like "what is going on with me!!" but now i just laugh at it. I guess that is kind of the attitude you develop when all this weird stuff starts happening to you and no one can figure it out. But you should really take it easy and just breathe and do your best to get thru the days. Once in a while i get coughing fits too.. it could very well be a part of scleroderma, if it affects your internal organs .. (please feel free to correct me if i am wrong. but i do remember reading that.) I realy hope you hang in there! I havent been Dx with anything yet but i know that i will be soon. Ive only done one blood test so far for LUPUS COMP Panel. That came back normal but i think its only because im on a blood thinner really...I wish all the luck to you for getting thru this and know that we are all here for you! Ive had my rants and raves on here as well when i was awake when the whole world is asleep( except the LOOPIEES!!)

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