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Thread: weird things happening to my hands and feet!!!

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    Default weird things happening to my hands and feet!!!

    hey everyeone,

    I just wanted to share with you guys something new thats been occuring on my feet and hands. Im not sure what to think about it but Ive had this issue on me feet for about a month now and last weekend it started to also affect my hands. Whats going on is that my skin on my hands and feet in the creasesof my fingers and toes are so stiff i cant bend them. They also hurt if i walk on them or use them . I cant really open anything because it hurts. The only way I can kind of describe it is almost callus like on my hands. But they arent. They are worse in the morning when i wake up. I took a picture of my feet yesterday morning when i wake up that i have posted. I tried elevating my feet last night, it seemed to help a little bit. But my hands, im not really sure what to do . I have tried putting on cortisone cream . The only actual visual marks on my hands are slighty red dry bumps. But the most senstive spots seem to be the lines on my fingers. This is so ODD!!! ive never had anything like this before. I really am having a hard time doing anything with my hands because they are stiff and hurt. Has anyone else experienced anything like this. I also still have thos reddish purple marks on my skin on both of my feet. The one mark on my left foot has seem to gotten worse and turned more purple. I also have these red bumps on both feet on my toes. Please let me know if anyone knows how i can help this go away or might know what it is. Thankss!!! Also, I got a Lupus Comprehensive Panel Blood test done last week. I should be getting the results today. Ofcourse I will post them.

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    Is it in response to cold? and does it resolve when the you get warm? It could be Raynaud's
    does it seem like hard, tight skin that stays that way, or swelling? Either way it could be toward CREST or other Scleoderma...
    go see you're doctor.
    much love to all my lupie friends -

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