Well I am 9 weeks along and seeing my regular OB and a specialist who are doing sonograms at practically every visit. Baby is developing fine and growth is where it should be. I am feeling ok...although I already had to adjust my anti-seizure med once(Keppra)by half a pill increased in the morning because I started getting eye twitching again and felt like I was going to seize all the time for a few days. It has helped however I have also had very bad fatigue with this pregnancy and Im wondering if its from the Keppra or if I may be iron deficient because Ive had some shortness of breath today and I sleep 12 hrs a night and am still tired. I also have had a lot of tension headaches with this pregnancy. I take a prenatal everyday and have since before I became pregnant as well as extra 1mg of folic acid everyday but I wonder if im missing something. The fatigue is so bad I feel half asleep pretty much constantly and its very hard to try and do schoolwork feeling this way. I just want to lay around and even my appetite is diminished at times because I would rather sleep. I still force myself to eat and eat healthy however. I will post some sono pics as soon as I can and I would like to start tracking my belly growth once I reach the end of the 3rd month(in about 3 weeks! ). Im hoping some of the fatigue will subside though ugh. Hope you all are well and *hugs* from me and baby -Lupie Britt*

P.S. They are going to try and guess the gender at my next appt march 15th and I was also told I have a small tear in my placenta monday at my appt and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this? They said it can happen as the placenta is growing and moving etc and usually heals itself so not to worry. It still makes me feel weird knowing that though. I had a tiny episode of spotting one day last week but no pain or anything that seemed out of the ordinary. Please anyone who has a story Id love to hear it